Evil Ernie
Evil ernie by wesflo-d4ak17u-1-
Title Herald of Megadeath
Gender Male
Race Undead/Ghoul/Zombie Lord
Faction Evil, Good later (debatable)
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Status Dead
Location New Jersey

Personal Profile

  • Birthname: Ernest Fairchild
  • Title: Evil One
  • Alias: Ernest Fairchild, Ernesto, & Herald of Megadeath
  • Birthdate: Unknown
  • Birth place: somewhere in New Jersey
  • Age: Possibly early 20s
  • Relations: Mr. & Mrs. Fairchild (parents), brother (unborn)
  • Natonality: American
  • Religion: Was originally born Christian
  • Species: Undead/Ghoul/Zombie Lord
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Evil Ernie #1
  • Home: New Jersey
  • Marital Status: Single & was Lady Death's love interest.
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Height: 6'1"
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Colour: Green Yellow
  • Skin Color: White
  • Distinguishing Features: Milky white eyes, Wide grin, Messy black hair, Black slightly torn and creasy leather jacket.


Ernie was shown to be incredibly resillient due to the arcane energy channled to him by Lady Death, he could also re-animate and control dead bodies by using it and his telepathy. Due to the arcane energy he was rendered practically unstoppable.

He was also shown to possess enormous strength as he was able to lift a full grown humans with ease, outmatch demons twice his size, tear through metal doors and effortessly lift a huge tree and throw it several feet. Ernie's huge strength is shown many times throughout the series.

Ernie is shown to be a fearsome opponent in battle, as he was able to almost effortessly outmatch and kill an enormous demon called Devastator and was able to match the extremely powerful demon Cremator.


  • Ernie seemed to be getting more and more demonic looking with the series progression.
  • It seems to be impossible to reach Ernie's goodside as he no longer appears to have one.
  • Ernie bears a slight resemblence to the metal band Iron Maiden mascot Eddie.
  • Ernie's powers are extremely similar to Lord Raptor from Darkstalkers due to their similar status as Zombie Lords
  • Dynamite Comics recently created it's own Evil Ernie series, with a re-booted storyline
  • Evil Ernie was the first Chaos! Comics character ever created.
  • Evil Ernie was the protagonist of his own series of the same title.
  • Appearance based on Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, lead singer for the American heavy metal band Overkill. 

Comics Timeline

Eternity Comics

Evil Ernie: 1-5 (1991)

Chaos Comics

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild # 1-5 (1991-1992)

Evil Ernie: Resurrection # 1-4 (1993)

Evil Ernie: #0 (1993)

Evil Ernie: Revenge # 1-4 (1994)

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